Ramesh Kumar joins DocTree as Executive Chairman

Bangalore, June 16, 2014: Mr Ramesh Kumar joins DocTree (doctree.in), the virtual hospital portal based out of Bangalore, as the executive chairman. Bringing years of experience in framing business strategies and driving the growth, Ramesh will be responsible for formulating the overall strategy for building up the start-up DocTree, and will be actively involved in developing industry & investor connect for the company.

Kumar will also be a part of the board. “Having worked with various established entities across the world, it is time to give back to the society and therefore have committed to a concept like DocTree.in that holds the potential to reshape the healthcare access mechanism in India”, said Ramesh Kumar, Executive Chairman, DocTree. Prior to this Mr Ramesh Kumar headed the Societe Generale Global Solution Centre where he was instrumental in framing the company’s business plans and development approach. Ramesh was also an executive committee member of Resources Group Worldwide with Societe Generale and an executive committee member of Global Technology Division of SG-CIB (as Regional Director for its securities division in Singapore).  Prior to Socgen, Mr Kumar has been associated with ‘Unilever India, part of the technology division.

Dr Sreenivasan Narayana, Founder & CEO, DocTree said “Ramesh will be helping us channelize our resources in an effective manner and we are glad to have a visionary like him as a mentor to us” With a strong network of about 500 qualified medical professionals from Bangalore and Hubli registered with them, doctree.in offers a choice of qualified doctors and the prices quotes for a medical procedure across 25 medical specialties. By bringing price transparency into the forefront, the platform enables effective information exchange so that healthcare can truly match the needs of a consumer.

Ramesh is also the chairman of S4 holdings which is a key investor in DocTree. “doctree.in is a thoroughly researched concept that integrates IT into healthcare and is lead by a team of passionate and experienced team of doctors. The task at hand here is challenging but the team is committed to make a difference”, added Ramesh.

About DocTree:

doctree.in is an online platform that simplifies the process of accessing healthcare in the country. It provides relevant information, most importantly on pricing to patients helping them to take more informed medical decisions. Simultaneously it enables, doctors to reach out to well informed patients and thereby be more productive in their practice.  Please visit www.doctree.in for additional information.

DocTree is a brainchild of Dr Sreenivasan Narayana an ENT surgeon and his mission is supported by Dr Madhav Hegde, a cardiac radiologist and Dr Venkatram Katti, an eye surgeon. The team also comprises of Robert Anthoney, an advertising professional, Professor Siddharth Singh from ISB and Mr Ramesh Kumar who play a key role in driving the brand, strategy and the business plans for the company. Represented by Mr. Thirumagal Kumar and Mr Ramesh Kumar, S4 holdings private limited is amongst the key investors in the company.

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