Healthcare portal DocTree aims to re-define doctor-patient relationship 

A virtual platform simplifies the process of accessing healthcare and ensures correct and quality medical assistance

DocTree, an online healthcare platform launched its services in Bangalore on Monday aiming to simplify the process of assessing healthcare in the country. It is estimated that in India about 80 percent of the patients go to hospitals to seek a second opinion. This is where DocTree wants to fill the gap, helping patients by making relevant information readily available to them. “Patients today are conscious and sensitive when it comes to healthcare. There arises a need for rich and transparent information exchange on healthcare availability, accessibility, and affordability. DocTree is here to bridge this existing gap to allow patients to access quality healthcare at the right prices,” says Dr. Sreenivasan Narayana, Founder & CEO, DocTree. By bringing healthcare providers and patients on to a common platform, DocTree would enable information sharing effectively, so that healthcare can truly match the needs of a patient. “The service is a step towards redefining the essential doctor-patient relationship in order to help the healthcare industry achieve the best results and create a difference,” says Dr. Manjunath, Director – Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research. The process is also a simple one. As a patient, you need to first visit the online portal and specify your medical need – be it a surgery or a consultation. DocTree will then send out your request to the doctors in its network and start compiling a list of doctors best suited to take up your case. Then, they negotiate with the doctors for the best price and get back to you within 24 hours with all the relevant information. After that, all the patient has to do is choose and meet the concerned doctor with the guaranteed price. Patients can use DocTree as a platform to access information anytime and from anywhere completely free of cost. Currently, the gamut of DocTree’s service is available in Bangalore only but they are expanding into other cities very soon, says Narayana.