Access to Healthcare is now A Click Away

A virtual platform simplifies the process of accessing healthcare and ensures correct and quality medical assistance.

Bangalore, Karnataka, February 19, 2014 -(PressReleasePoint)- DocTree, a virtual hospital portal unveiled its services in the city today. The portal enables a patient find a doctor, understand treatment options and get the best price quote while choosing the provider. Present at the introductory meet today in Bangalore, were Dr CN Manjunath, Director-Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences & Research and Mr Pronab Mohanty, IPS, Additional Commissioner of Police (ACP), Bangalore along with the entire DocTree team.


Taking through the application, Dr Sreenivasan Narayana, Founder & CEO, DocTree said, “Patients today are conscious and sensitive, when it comes to healthcare. There arises a need of rich and transparent information exchange on healthcare availability, accessibility and affordability. DocTree is here to bridge this existing gap and allow patients to access quality healthcare at the right prices”. The concept would enable a consumer to search and select healthcare providers via a two way dynamic online process, where doctor would review the patients treatment needs and hospitals offer discounted prices. “This would allow a patient to be more ‘active’ and empower him to make an informed medical decision”, added Dr Narayana.


“In this era where physically seeking out different doctors is difficult due to time constraints, distances and traffic related hurdles, DocTree provides a trusted platform where patients and doctors can interact and seek out each other in an informative, transparent and efficient manner”, said Mr Pronab Mohanty Additional Commissioner of Police, Bangalore. The virtual hospital portal would help patients become more aware and get to choose the right doctor, understand the procedure and to know, beforehand, the cost of care.


By bringing healthcare providers and patients on to a common platform, DocTree would enable information sharing effectively, so that healthcare can truly match the needs of a patient. “This is an effort to allow patients to access quality healthcare at the right price, and simultaneously help doctors stay focused on the clinical aspects of their profession. The service is a step towards redefining the essential doctor-patient relationship in order to help the healthcare industry achieve the best results and create a difference”, said Dr Manjunath, Director-Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research.


The service consumer can visit and access information anytime and anywhere through DocTree, completely free of cost. “We are currently offering options of the best services available within the city of Bangalore. We will be expanding our offerings to other cities as well, very soon”, said Dr Narayana.


About DocTree:

DocTree is an online platform that simplifies the process of accessing healthcare in the country. It provides relevant information, most importantly on pricing to patients helping them to take more informed medical decisions. Simultaneously it enables, doctors to reach out to well informed patients and thereby be more productive in their practice.  Please visit for additional information.

DocTree is a brainchild of Dr Sreenivasan Narayana an ENT surgeon and his mission is supported by Dr Madhav Hegde, a cardiac radiologist and Dr Venkatram Katti, an eye surgeon. The team also comprises of Robert Anthoney, an advertising professional, Professor Siddharth Singh from ISB and Mr Ramesh Kumar who play a key role in driving the brand, strategy and the business plans for the company. Represented by Mr. Thirumangal Kumar, S4 holdings private limited is amongst the key investors in the company.